Guitars by Ana Espinosa


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"From the first moment I was impressed by its potencial, profound and warm sound. This guitar gives me the opportunity to use a wide range of colours and dinamical contrasts. It's an instrument which is explosive as lyrical at the same time, very well adapted to my style of playing."
Sanja Plohl
...."Maximum comfort, wide register, very defined. They have an impeccable sound..."
Pedro Rojas Ogayar
"Aùn siendo instrumentos de gran riqueza armónica, esa cualidad no impide en absoluto la facilidad para diferenciar las voces en cualquier pieza polifónica".
Julio Castaños Soler
At last I have found a guitar which serves me to play Bach as well as Bulerias, to play Sor as well as Soleares, to play Granados as well as Granainas, to play Verdi as well as Verdiales. I play this guitar in concerts with The Guitar Quartet. I'm extremely satisfied, Thanks Ana!".
Marcel Ege